The Dangers of Children Playing Flash Games

There are many people out there who worry about children playing flash games. There are several different reasons for their worries. They feel that the games could be too violent, that they waste time and that too much computer time is not healthy.

There are many different flash games and some will be more violent than others. The main thing to do to get over this is for parents to supervise their children when they are playing on the games. That way they will know exactly what the game is like and whether it is too violent or not, in their opinion.

If they feel that the games are wasting the children’s time, then they should consider what else they do that might also be wasting time, such as watching television or listening to music. All of these activities can add something to a child’s life, but some people feel that they should not spend too much time doing them. As a parent it is up to you to decide whether you think that the activities that your child engages in are a waste of time or not. You will be able to influence what they are doing, depending on what you think about

Some people feel that computer time is not healthy and is leading to obesity. This is a very difficult issue to resolve as a sedentary child may choose the computer games from rather than something more active because it suits them well. There are also more unhealthy foods around which could have more of an effect on obesity than using a computer. It is worth making sure that you child does do enough exercise, but influencing their diet is also important.

Getting a balance should be possible so you let you child play the types of games that you approve of, for a time that you feel is right and balancing it with other activities as well.

Violent PC and flash games are BAD for your KIDS!!!